Contracts: BSVE (Base Support Vehicles and Equipment)

SERKA has been providing BSVE since 2004, mainly on US military worksites in Iraq. The Company’s extensive equipment fleet is capable of completing infrastructure work for any construction project. Besides turnkey projects, SERKA can provide daily, monthly or weekly rental services. Serka executed more than $100M revenues in this field. Between 2003 and 2012, Serka supported United States and Coalition Forces operations in Iraq, with more than 800 pieces of vehicles and equipment.




Heavy Equipment Lease Services at H sites in Iraq, 2004-2011 ($95M)

Location: US Military sites Mosul (3 sites), Qayyarah West, Tal Afar

Serka provided heavy equipment with operators; for landscaping and earthworks at H sites in Iraq. Serka also provided scheduled and unscheduled maintenance as well as repair services at each worksite and provided life support services for operators and maintenance personnel. Serka’s timely delivery of required equipment, skilled and certified operators and adherence to contract requirements led to contract renewal several times until the closure of worksites in 2011.