Contracts: Maintenance and Repair

SERKA provides maintenance and repair services for buildings, facilities and temporary camps. These services include all kinds of electrical, plumbing, generator, HVAC, carpentry and welding works.  Total price of contracts awarded to SERKA for these services exceeded $50M. When required Serka is able to provide housing and basic life support services for her employees; to include maintenance and repair of vehicles and equipment.

Provided services include:

  • Provision of materials, parts and equipment
  • Provision of vehicles of all types
  • Provision of skilled, qualified and certified personnel
  • Infrastructure works
  • Operation, maintenance and repair works
  • Response to emergency calls


Facilities Maintenance and Repair Contract, 2008-2011 ($34 M)

Location: US Military sites Mosul (2 sites), Qayyarah West, Tal Afar

Serka provided all personnel, equipment, parts and vehicles necessary for mission success. Work was performed under 6 departments which were Power Generation, HVAC, Electric, Carpentry, Plumbing and Welding. With more than 400 skilled personnel and 75 vehicles allocated for the services, Serka was able to exceed the required standards and enhances customer satisfaction until the very end of the contract.