Labor Force Services 

SERKA recognizes that all solutions begin with people. We are dedicated to providing the human resources support that helps businesses achieve their vision. We provide innovative workforce solutions to companies and for our contracts worldwide to meet the challenges of today’s changing business environment. We have the global resources and local focus to set up our specialized manpower in order to maximize the efficiency and productivity of the projects through our wide array of services and e-capabilities. In case of being awarded any project, Serka is capable of providing additional staff & labor when needed. 

SERKA provided over 13,000 personnel, in support of labor provisioning contracts to include personnel for self-sustainment purposes; during performances on other projects. Our company successfully provided staff included skilled craftsman, technicians, engineers, quality control staff, managers, & unskilled personnel in Iraq, Afghanistan, Romania, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Africa, & UAE to include Oman for clients and customers on U.S. Military Bases supporting LOGCAP III and IV Programs. SERKA provided innovative workforce solutions to the U.S Military and prime contractors and other companies of all sizes in hostile areas and worldwide to meet the challenges of today's changing business environment. SERKA has the global resources and local focus to help companies maximize the efficiency and productivity of their workforce through our wide array of services and capabilities. We offer a variety of creative service delivery options, including:

  • Professional,technicalandtraditionalstaffingresources,fromIT professionals and engineers to receptionists and assembly workers;
  • Quality assessment, testing and training for virtually any type of job;
  • On-site management of contingent workforce;
  • Flexible staffing to match the fluctuations in personnel requirements;
  • Global and multi-national service contracts;
  • Outplacement programs to ensure a positive transition for outgoing employees;
  • Transitional staffing and management during major business changes such as mergers, acquisitions and layoffs and
  • Total outsourcing of business functions

SERKA has completed one of the biggest Labor Force contracts where over 2.322 managerial, skilled and unskilled workers were provided for over 6 years for KBRSI at Northern Iraq U.S. Military Bases.

By understanding your scope and requirements, we are able to provide you with the best man-power solutions. We follow strict procedures and guide lines, and conduct a comprehensive vetting of each and every employee.