Equipment and Vehicle Leasing

The only way you can fully commit to any project, large or small, is if you have equipment and the manpower to do it. It is when Serka comes to play as a leading heavy equipment and vehicle leasing contractor with its heavy lifting and earth-moving equipment fleet to meet any project requirements. Serka can provide both equipment and operators, or just equipment lease.

As a distinguished service provider specialized in shuttle bus services, heavy equipment leasing, and base operations support services, Serka has exceeded client expectations by providing feasible, timely and cost-effective solutions in the most challenging and hostile environments as well as in commercial platforms. Serka can safely and effectively deliver premier projects that benefit not only its customers but aligns with U.S. and local government requirements. Serka and its subsidiaries are ISO certified and possess the following certifications: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001: 2004, ISO 22000: 2005, ISO 18001:2007 certificates/quality assurances.

During Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) Serka owned, mobilized, operated, maintained, recovered, and demobilized a fleet of over 800 light and heavy equipment in 16 different military installation camps located in Tal Afar, Al Qayyarah, Al Asad and Mosul, to name a few. Serka responded to dynamic fast-moving requirements of one of the most dangerous war zones in recent history by supporting over 40,000 U.S. and coalition military forces and civilian population, including its own 6,000 employees. Our fleet consisted of over 450 pieces of vehicular equipment including but not limited to trucks, buses, six wheelers, bulldozers, excavators, pickup trucks, concrete mixers, trash trucks, forklifts, water tankers, fuel tankers, wastewater trucks, rollers, graders, asphalt finishers, tow trucks, loaders, cranes, tractors, jeeps, armored vehicles, and Rhino Runner buses. Serka owned and managed 8 fully equipped and manned maintenance and repair facilities operating 24/7 on different locations across Iraq, providing scheduled, unscheduled, and emergency maintenance and repairs, recovery operation, fleet management and dispatch, procurement of parts and consumables. We efficiently managed our supply chain, requiring our management staff execute a careful maintenance of sufficient inventory and safety stock level, integrated with a sophisticated on-time logistics operation to safely transport parts, tools, and consumables into Iraq. We had over 3 Million USD of spare parts inventory on hand at all times. Some of Serka’s achievements are as follows;

  • Operational Readiness Rate of 95% for the entire fleet over 8 years
  • Trucks and buses travelled over 4,000 KM/day, 1.5 million KM/year
  • Transported over 20 million passengers and 300 million tons of cargo
  • Maintained 80,000 sqm maintenance facilities in 8 locations in Iraq
  • One of the newest vehicle fleets in the region – designed and maintained for optimum performance in desert conditions
  • Main transporters of petroleum products, water, and wastewater, over 1.5 billion liters combined.