Serka Logistics has a clear, customer-oriented strategy that provides a competitive advantage and enables us to address our costumers’ supply chain challenges with our expert solutions. That strategy brought Serka to an unquestionable position in the market with an annual supply and logistics turnover of more than 15 Million USD.

Besides its ground logistics operations, Serka, between 2012 and 2017, performed Stevedoring and Related Terminal Services (S&RTS) for USTRANSCOM in Romania and All Ports of Turkey. Services included provision of stevedoring operations and related terminal services for the incoming and/or outgoing vessels for USTRANSCOM operations in commercial and military ports of Romania and Turkey. Serka scheduled and mobilized the required labor and equipment to provide loading/unloading vessel, discharging, stuffing/unstuffing of cargo, inland transportation of cargo, containers and military vehicles, provision of labor and storage for operations, transfer of cargo as needed for all vessels carrying property of U.S. Government.

Serka acknowledges the sensitiveness of time management in stevedoring projects and understands that all personnel, equipment and any other material must be made readily available within very short timeframes to unload any vessel which is scheduled to leave on a certain time. With zero lost time during its stevedoring operations, Serka successfully completed each and every project within the required timeframe, regardless of the length of the notice it was provided.