Waste Management

Serka offers complete waste management services to include trash collection and landfill management, sewage collection, grease collection and grease trap maintenance, potable and non-potable water supply, portable toilets (porta johns) cleaning and maintenance, ablution-units installation, cleaning and maintenance. In line with ISO 14001 Environmental Quality Management Regulations and any other workplace safety protocols in place, Serka has successfully performed several waste management projects in Turkey. Serka has successfully hired, certified and mobilized contract personnel to their specific job locationsand from its own equipment fleet transferred all of the project required waste management material and equipment to include;

  • Trash bins and compactors in various sizes
  • Portable toilets
  • Ablution-units
  • Vac-trucks
  • Trash collection trucks
  • Pressure washing trucks
  • Potable water trucks
  • Non-potable water trucks
  • Maintenance and repair trucks
  • Consumables such as toilet papers, paper towels, hand soaps, cleaning chemicals etc.

Some of the highlights of Serka’s Waste Management Services are:

  • Provision of 1300 portable toilets with 13 Vac-trucks in 5 different U.S. military installationsand their daily cleaning to include suction and replenishment of black water, cleaning and sanitation of the unit with pressure washer and environmentally friendly chemicals, toilet paper, hand soap and sanitizer replenishment. Such tasks were performed twice a day or as needed per camp management.
  • Collection of black water from private septic tanks (varying in sizes and dimensions) with 12 sewage suction trucks (SST) and transfer to wastewater treatment facilities in 5 different U.S. military installations.
  • Provision and installation of 850 ea. 0.8 and 200 ea. 5 cubic meter trash compactors in various military installations and daily service of these compactors with 15 trash collection trucks. Transfer of collected trash to the landfills located in each installation and disposal of waste per camp managements instructions and requirements.
  • Daily potable and non-potable water service to each living quarter and office location within the military compounds with 3000, 5000 and 10000 gallon water trucks. Calibration and inspection of trucks to ensure quality and safety of water serviced to the camp population.