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Serka is a global provider of infrastructure development, planning, design, construction, facility and operation management, and life support services specialized in nations building and humanitarian projects 

For over 54 years, Serka has provided the US government and private clients with specialized construction, engineering, and project management services on 4 continents, 11 countries and we continue to grow. Serka is currently running construction and facility management operations in USA, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Niger, Sierra Leone, Azerbaijan, Oman, and Romania. Our recently completed runway repair project at Bagram Airfield, we turned over to the Air Force four weeks ahead of schedule and we are currently completing the Strategic Airlift Ramp & Hot Cargo Pad at Manas Airbase, Kyrgyzstan.

Today Serka Services has successfully completed vast amount of Base Operations Support, Operations and Maintenance, construction and civil engineering projects including but not limited to Airport Constructions, Camps, Buildings, Hotels, Housing, Embassies, fuel distribution systems, pipelines, dams, hydropower plants, water treatment, storage and transmission systems, protected and hardened structures, and special constructions. With over 3,000 employees, Serka uses its global reach to support the DoD and DoS in U.S., Europe, Asia, and the Middle East on its military and humanitarian efforts. Serka’s capabilities include full Base design, Facilities plans, Maintenance, Renovation, Construction, Construction management, Material supply, Batch concrete and Rock aggregate, Port operations, Food service operations/management, Labor provision, Base support operations, Base support vehicles and equipment (BSVE), O&M and Environmental services.

Within the last 10 years Serka completed over 100 construction, services and facility management contracts worth over $1.5 billion. The group has continuing strong requirements over the next 5 years being qualified for two huge US Government programs namely Non-permanent US Embassy Program (CHU IDIQ) and US Military Funding Program (MED – MATOC) with a value of $12 billion and $4 billion respectively.

Serka has a robust financial structure and recognized credibility among local and global financial houses including banks, investment banks, and insurance institutions. The group has annual revenue of $250 million US$ with assets of $400 million. Serka has an outstanding bonding capacity ready to be utilized for future development projects.

Serka provides eco-friendly and safety oriented solutions and has been certified with 1,000,000 safe man-hours with no Lost Time Incidents in one contract alone. From start to finish, we utilize environmentally conscious resources. We possess assurance certificates for quality control, health and safety, and the environment including: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, and OSHA 18001.

Serka brings the full extent of its global multi-disciplinary skills to assist any country with its rebuilding, growing, and prospering efforts.